Thursday, April 26, 2007

CustomizeGoogle 0.59

These are some of the new features in CustomizeGoogle 0.59:

A new option to secure the new Google History (including Bookmarks) was added.

It's now possible to add favicons to the web search result.

CustomizeGoogle is now compliant with the new Google design.

URL previews on sponsored links are now visible in the status bar when hovering them. Why, you ask? Some advertisers masquerades as legit sites. Previously, if you moused-over a sponsored result, no URL preview was shown! This means that users didn't have a clue where he/she was about to navigate to. Read more here and here.

The URL will look something like this: gBILZUKAM4BV&adurl=http://WWW.TARGET.COM

If you choose to enable the CustomizeGoogle option to "remove click tracking", then the target URL will look something like this:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the faviocns. Please work on customising safesearch options next, then I'll be able to clear my cookies more often.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Bryan said...

The Customize Google extension is invaluable. However, any chance of furthering the customizations to other search engines like yahoo or whatever?

6:59 PM  

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